Donald J. Larson's Bio

Training Background Overview

NRA instructor for 21 years and NRA training counselor for 16 years

Gunsite Training Center at Paulden, AZ

#250 - Basic Pistol
#350 - Intermediate Pistol
#499 - Advanced Tactical Pistol
#A/T - Advanced Tactical Pistol

Range Master Tactical Conference 2017

Massad Ayoob Group

Judicious Use Of Deadly Force Instructor Course

Thunder Ranch at Mountain Home, TX

Defensive Handgun #1
Defensive Handgun #2
High Intensity Tactics

Blackwater Training Center at Moyock, NC

Tactical Pistol #1
Blackwater Pistol Instructor Course
Todd Jarrett IPSC Courtse

Firearms Academy of Seattle

FAS - 1, FAS - 2, FAS - 3
FAS Instructor Dev. Course
(Twice qualified as FAS Handgun Master)

Instructor Course at Tom Givens Range Master School in Memphis, TN

Certified Glock Armorer/Glock Instructor Workshop

Defense Training International - Advanced Defensive Handgun Course

ACLDN Understanding the Use of Lethal Force Course

Sabre (self defense spray) Instructor

Designer of the G.I.T.S. Target System used by Law Enforcement agenices nationwide.