NRA Instructor Course Frequently Asked Questions

What is BIT?

BIT is NRA Basic Instructor Training. It's a course that all new NRA Instructors are required to take. It covers the roles and responsibilities of NRA Instructors, rules NRA Instructors are expected to follow, NRA teaching philosophies, filing your NRA class reports, and more.

Is it an NRA requirement to take the student course of a discipline before I take the Instructor course?

Only two - Basics of Pistol Shooting (Basic Pistol) and Personal Protection Outside The Home. With all the others, the Training Counselor has the option of having the Instructor Candidate take the student course before the instructor course. This is only an option - not an "NRA Rule".

Would I need to take any of the Instructor courses over again?

Not if you keep your NRA Instructor credentials current.